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This Austrian 1,300 horsepower hypercar is a flightless falcon

This Austrian 1,300 horsepower hypercar is a flightless falcon

Dejan Jovanovic 8 months ago

The new limited-edition Milan Red is a 1,306bhp hypercar from Austria that comes with styling inspired by falconry. It also comes with a $2.3 million price tag…

Alongside Koenigsegg (Sweden), Pagani (Italy), W Motors (UAE), Rimac (Croatia), NEO (China) and more, hypercars have become a national pastime for so many, and feeling left out, the Austrians have decided to put the Wiener schnitzel down and get some oil under those fingernails.

The result is the latest hypercar on the market, the Milan Red, which is also the first car we know of to come inspired by falconry.

When it comes to the Austrian car manufacturing industry, the country’s always been in Germany’s shadow although things are certainly rosy – Austria currently produces the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Magna Steyr makes stuff like the Aston Martin Rapide and Peugeot RCZ. Otherwise the Alpine country is only known for the KTM X-Bow, and basic G-Class lookalikes badged as Puchs.

Even though it’s not known for cars, Austria’s Milan Red still goes after the moneyed enthusiasts – the hypercar doesn’t use any electrification for the heady power figures and instead you get a 6.2-litre V8 with four, yes, four turbochargers and a seven-speed twin-clutch ‘box putting everything down to the rear wheels.

With generous use of carbon fibre, the Red weighs just 1,300kg, which means the performance specs are as outrageous as the rest of the car. Zero to 100km/h is claimed in 2.5 seconds, and the top speed is a nice, rounded, 400km/h according to the Austrians.

Apart from just looking like a falcon, kinda, the Milan Red also features three driving modes inspired by the bird of prey, so instead of the usual Sport and Sport+ or Track modes, you get Glide, Hunt, and Attack.

milan red falcon hypercar 2

Everything from the monocoque tub to the suspension components is made from carbon fibre which means this exotic will have to fend off things like the Bugatti Chiron. The company says just 99 examples will be built with 18 of them already claimed to be spoken for. If you’ve got $2.3 million, or about AED8.5 million, you can have one of the remaining 81.


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