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2017 Nissan GT-R arrives in the GCC from $135,000

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2017 Nissan GT-R arrives in the GCC from $135,000

admin 4 years ago

Twenty more horsepower, more torque, more speed, less buttons… The new 2017 GT-R is here

After a decade on the market it’s hard to get excited about yet another Nissan GT-R. The original 2007 giant-slayer was cutting edge stuff back then with 480hp, but in the meantime two generations of rival models have come and gone. Try getting into a GT-R today and it actually does feel like opening a time capsule. This probably won’t come as a surprise but 10 years later the GT-R feels about 10 years old.


Or could it just be that  Kazutoshi Mizuno’s takumi (the “father” of the GT-R and his hand-picked hand-craftsmen) have been taking their sweet time getting things perfect? That is, for 2017 ladies and gentlemen, we welcome the biggest improvement to the Nissan GT-R yet, in other words way less buttons and way more power.

Oh, and more looks – Nissan’s updated the styling of the nose to more closely fit in to the rest of the corporate line-up, changed the bumpers and spoilers, and threw on an aggressive bonnet with a couple of bigger bulges. That ‘V-Motion’ (the company signature fascia look) grille additionally provide extra cooling, which is nice and all since power is up to 562hp, or 20hp over the outgoing model.

2017 NISSAN GT-R 2

As ever each 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 is hand-built by Mizuno-san’s takumi in Yokohama, peaking at 6,800rpm and making about five newton meters of torque more this time around, with a total of 633Nm from 3,300rpm. The masters (only five people are allowed to handle the VR38DETT lump) managed it with improved ignition-timing control, and some good ol’ turning up of the boost. The team claims the six-speed double-clutch ‘box is also “thoroughly refined” for smoother shifts, which to anyone who’s ever had a go in Godzilla around town before collapsing onto the pavement, will be a most welcome change.

It’s also supposed to sound better, the 2017 GT-R, with a new titanium exhaust. Some fresh 20-inch forged wheels in a 15-spoke design complete the picture, but it’s when you step inside the update seems way more apparent. Nissan’s redesigned the dashboard and spruced up the cabin with more leather, and critically the centre displays grows by an inch to 8.0-inches in diameter. Drivers will appreciate the shift levers now located on the steering wheel rather than the column. The previous mission-control console with its 27 buttons makes way for a new, uncluttered layout featuring just 11 switches. 

So, less here, more there, and no change on the price with a recommended retail sticker of ̉$135,000 for the 2017 GT-R, available now in regional showrooms.


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