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Track-only Brabham BT62 yours for $1.6m

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Track-only Brabham BT62 yours for $1.6m

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

From the legacy of ‘Black’ Jack Brabham, the three-time Formula One world champion and race team founder, comes a new track slayer with 700bhp and 1,200kg of downforce

If you think about it for a lot of brands at the top the issue isn’t technology, production or design, it’s heritage. Young brands vying for millionaires’ money like Pagani, Koenigsegg, Rimac, and even those new hopefuls like Genesis and Polestar, may have serious engineering clout behind them, but people tend to buy into stories, lifestyles, and history and all the other stuff marketing people latch onto.


Brabham BT62

That’s where a new automotive brand gets started with a sleeve up its ace – Australian racing driver ‘Black’ Jack Brabham took little nonsense from anyone on his way to winning three Formula One world championships including one with a car of his make and manufacture. Brabham was the first to achieve the feat, and still the only man to win an F1 title in his own car, and based out of Australia the family is now ready to bank on that heritage with a new supercar that aims to compete for buyers against the fastest machines on the planet.

brabham bt62 1

With a price tag of $1.6 million that leaves most of us out of the picture, but those who mange to get their hands on one of the 70 limited edition cars will get a track-only beast made of carbon fibre and powered by a naturally aspirated 5.4-litre V8. That means 700 horsepower to whisk around less than a tonne (970kg dry weight) – in fact the Brabham BT62 produces more than its own weight in downforce with a maximum of 1,200kg at speed, which means it will absolutely decimate many a lap record.

Then again, it isn’t road legal, so the Brabham BT62 can only really be compared to stuff like Ferrari’s Corse Clienti program or a couple of Astons and McLarens, although it’s some 200 kilos lighter than even a McLaren Senna.

brabham bt62 1

From the 70 cars scheduled for production, Brabham will turn 35 of them into rolling commemorations of each one of the team’s 35 Grand Prix victories – the first will celebrate Black Jack’s win in France in 1966 around the Rouen road circuit, when he beat a Ferrari to the finish line in his Brabham BT19.


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