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Here’s the 2018 Roush Jackhammer, all 710bhp of it

Here’s the 2018 Roush Jackhammer, all 710bhp of it

admin 2 years ago

Roush-fettled Mustang brings 250 additional horsepower and humongous 827Nm of torque for under $16,000

In the age of 800-horsepower muscle cars, the 2018 Roush Jackhammer may not evoke gasp of disbelief with its ‘mere’ 710 horsepower. But look at it this way: this is a car that has the same amount of go-juice as the Lamborghini Aventador LP710-4 and it costs about six times less. Meet the 2018 Roush Jackhammer and it’s yours for about $60,000 — that includes a brand new base ’Stang that Roush works its magic on, to be precise.



2018-roush-jackhammerOf course, if you already have a 2018 Ford Mustang handy, that price goes down to about $15,000, which is a steal given the additional 250 horsepower it brings to the party over the standard car’s 460 ponies.

Of course, Roush Performance is no stranger to fast Mustangs. The American outfit also runs a NASCAR team, which means it knows a thing or two about making Yank Tanks go fast.

Back to the 2018 Mustang Jackhammer. What Roush has essentially done to up the motivation is strapped on a thumping new supercharger to the stock 5.0-litre V8 to coax 710bhp and a tarmac-melting 827Nm of torque. B’bye tyres!

Wisely, Roush has decided to offer the Jackhammer purely as a coupe, however, you can choose a six-speed manual gearbox. Or, the 2018 Mustang’s new 10-speed automatic if you’re so inclined.


The visual upgrades are not too shouty, which is a good thing in our opinion and the Roush ‘hockey stick’ motif, which denotes feistier upgrades by the company, is clear and present.

It also gets adjustable suspension, new 20in wheels and best of all, the upgrades come with a five-year warranty. Optionally, you can order an even more advanced suspension and louder exhaust; we’d definitely tick the latter box.

There is some bad new though; Roush is only making 200 of these babies, which means they will be rather rare. It gets our nod of approval.


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