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New Aston Martin DB11 AMR, when 600bhp isn’t enough

New Aston Martin DB11 AMR, when 600bhp isn’t enough

Dejan Jovanovic 3 years ago

Because 600bhp wasn’t enough, the new V12-engined Aston Martin DB11 AMR is the company’s latest flagship rated at 630bhp and with a price tag to match…

Fresh after the launch of the DB11 V8 and drop-top Volante versions, Aston Martin has once again grown Gaydon’s GT range to include thew new DB11 AMR, the brand flagship and the most powerful road-car currently on sale by the British manufacturer.


Based on the 5.2-litre V12-engined top-of-the-line model, the new DB11 AMR boosts power by 30bhp to a total of 630 horsepower, while torque remains unchanged at 700Nm. The extra grunt means the DB11 AMR sprints from rest to 100kph two-tenths quicker than the next best, clicking in at 3.7 seconds and going on to a top speed of 335kph.

aston martin db11 amr 1

The idea behind the car was to increase performance without sacrificing the DB11’s inherent Grand Touring-ness, so Aston Martin’s handling boss Matt Becker (formerly of Lotus fame) didn’t want to mess about with the ride comfort too much. Instead they roughed it up a bit, so to say, by way of a louder exhaust system, some extra carbon fibre, gloss-black accents instead of chrome, and some sinister looking forged alloy wheels.

In the short time since the DB11 was launched two years ago, gaydon has already sold 4,200 of the things, and the DB11 AMR will help to keep the numbers growing. With a starting price of about $250,000 it will still remain appropriately exclusive by virtue of elimination – none of us poor enthusiasts can afford one.

aston martin db11 amr 1

Anyway, we plebs would just sour the looks – you can tell the DB11 AMR apart form the lesser thing by all the black detailing, including the finish on the headlight surrounds, smoked tail lamps, and black splitters and skirts. In addition to that customers can choose from new colours, and opt for options such as a carbon fibre engine cover, deployable spoiler, and of course fitted luggage.

aston martin db11 amr 1


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