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2018 Honda Civic long-term review — A new dawn

2018 Honda Civic long-term review — A new dawn

Amit Benjamin 2 years ago

Week 1: Our long-term 2018 Honda Civic arrives and delivers the good and the not-so-good news almost simultaneously…

This is the all-new 2018 Honda Civic, and boy doesn’t it look good. Gone is the dreary styling of its predecessor, replaced by a pointy new front and a decidedly pert derriere, as you can witness from the photo. It also gets a new turbocharged engine and, wait for it, a new CVT gearbox. However, our long-term tester is the 1.6-litre naturally aspirated LX version, which makes a heady 123bhp@6,500rpm and 151Nm@4,300rpm, and it’s ours for the next couple of month. This should provide adequate time and opportunity to see if the sharp styling is indeed matched by driving dynamics (the Civic has always been one of the best handling cars in its class) and whether its reputation for bullet-proof reliability remains intact.


2018 Honda Civic long-term

First, some spec-sheet rattling is in order. The new Civic is available in six different trims starting with the base 1.6-litre DX going all the way to the 1.5-litre turbocharged RS version making 180 horsepower. Prices start from AED62,985 climbing all the way to an eye-widening AED97,900! For a Civic!

Even though our tester is scantily-specced, it weighs in at a neat AED73,395. This seems a bit of a push, because this car isn’t exactly, as I mentioned, what I’d call brimming with extras. There is no reversing camera, faux leather seats, touchscreen, front parking sensors or even automatic headlights.

However, first impressions can often be deceiving. It does seem to gather pace with some intent when on a cruise and in the one week I’ve spent with it so far, it still displays a certain Honda-ness when it comes to taking corners. It also seems to have a bit more of a personality than others in its class. And I assume a lot of you agree with my previous statement, because the number of new Civics I’m beginning to notice on the roads is almost absurd.

Anyway, with the pleasantries exchanged and acquaintances made, now it’s time for the new Civic to attempt to re-earn its stripes. Motormouth style.

2018 Honda Civic LX — Long-term review

Mileage: 9,450km
Average fuel economy: 12L/100km
Lows: Lack of kit
Highs: Still drives better than most cars in its class
Costs this week: None


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