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2018 Honda Civic long-term review — Just cruisin’

2018 Honda Civic long-term review — Just cruisin’

Amit Benjamin 2 years ago

Week 2: Our long-term 2018 Honda Civic may have a droney greabox, but the 1.6-litre engine can dispatch a cruise with ease… With almost way too much ease.

Having spent another week with the 2018 Honda Civic and it’s clear that the CVT-ness of the CVT gearbox is readily apparent. Accelerate from standstill to merge with fast moving traffic and there is a distinct drone that is annoying and even intrusive. However, once the car gathers pace and settles into a cruise things are a lot better. Even cruising with slight throttle pressure, it seems to accelerate with relative ease. In fact, you have to be mindful to not exceed the speed limit, even with a mild application of the right pedal.


I’ve driven it for nearly 10 days now and admittedly the styling is growing on me further. In fact I’ll go as far as to say this is currently the best looking car in its class. I do like the chrome flourish up front and the fast-back styling. It is kind of reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz CLK, but in a good way. It has a lean forward stance as most of the visual attention is drawn to the rear with the exaggerated derriere. Conversely, it also makes the rear wheels look like comically small.

2018 Honda Civic long-term

Living everyday with our mindfully-specced LX model does feel like, you’ve accidentally travelled back in time; especially for a car that cost nearly AED75,000. However, it is neither unpleasant nor nasty in any way.

Fuel economy has improved from the 12L/100km to an acceptable 10.2L/100km, which matters a lot in this segment. I’m sure it could be further improved if I don’t drive like my trousers are on fire.

On balance, it has its share of failings, namely the lack of kit in our tester, but it’s a solid choice in the segment and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending one. More next week.

2018 Honda Civic LX — Long-term review

Mileage: 10,452km
Average fuel economy: 10.2L/100km
Lows: Cruising speed is a touch unpredictable
Highs: It’s a solid choice
Costs this week: AED30 (Fuel)





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