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2018 Honda Civic long-term review — Hit-and-miss

2018 Honda Civic long-term review — Hit-and-miss

Amit Benjamin 2 years ago

Week 3: Our long-term 2018 Honda Civic has a basic cabin, but there is a sense of solidity and character in the way it drives. And that’s a rarity in the segment.

OK, there is no way to sugar-coat it; our long-termer has a pretty spartan interior. While I have pointed this out in my previous report, the lack of basic things such as front parking sensors is a bit irritating given our test car costs almost AED75,000. The only time I do not mind the sparseness of the cabin is when I get in the car in the middle of the UAE summer afternoon and the fabric seats are not bottom-singeingly hot, unlike a faux leather item. Higher spec Civics have plenty of kit, however, they cost more too and even then they aren’t exactly brimming with equipment like, say, a similarly priced Kia or Hyundai.


2018 Honda Civic long-term

Welcome to the Nineties. Our 2018 Honda Civic LX is as basic as they come when it comes to kit, but it’s relatively good to drive.

On to my second point, which is the way our long-term Civic drives. Now, I am not going to deploy hyperbole, but it feels pretty solid on the move with a chunky steering and tight body control in the corners. It’s no Golf, but it is quite possibly the best driving car from the Far East in the segment currently.

Fuel economy is another high point as it has been steadily improving over the past three weeks. This week I am seeing low nines, mostly since I have resorted to using the Eco mode every now and again and stopped driving everywhere like a complete body part. Granted it saps even more out of the already dreary CVT, but that’s a small penalty to pay for enhanced fuel economy.

2018 Honda Civic long-term

As I mentioned earlier, it looks great, too. It is even more apparent when viewed side by side with something like a Toyota Corolla; it’s decidedly more attractive, characterful and definitely better to drive.

Until next week.

2018 Honda Civic LX — Long-term review

Mileage: 11,120km
Average fuel economy: 9.3L/100km
Lows: Sparse cabin
Highs: Good to drive and feels robust
Costs this week: AED50 (Fuel)



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