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Now you can finally spec a sunroof for your Bugatti Chiron

Now you can finally spec a sunroof for your Bugatti Chiron

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

Molsheim has revealed a new option for the 1,500bhp Bugatti Chiron hypercar, just don’t call it a plain old sunroof…

You’ll be kicking yourself if you’ve just bought a Bugatti Chiron, because the Molsheim atelier has just released a new option for the hypercar that’s much too refined to be referred to as simply a sunroof.


bugatti chiron sky view 1

Bugatti’s new ‘Sky View’ option consists of two glass panels in the roof that are actually stiffer than standard roof panels, and open up the cabin to more light (and more peeking phone cameras) with large dimensions – they’re each 65cm long and 44cm wide.

Since the 1,500bhp Chiron covers ground fairly quickly – 420km/h top speed and zero to 100km/h in 2.5 seconds – Bugatti’s engineers sweated the small stuff, so the poshest of sunroofs comes with a specially developed structure to quell cabin noise as well as ultraviolet rays. What’s more, the Chiron’s overall stiffness isn’t affected, and the Sky View roof actually frees up an additional 27mm of headroom.

bugatti chiron sky view 3

The only downside is likely the price, although if you have AED11 million ($3 million) to spend on a Bugatti in the first place you’re probably not worried about another six-figure option.

The fine folks from Molsheim say they’ll show off a Chiron with the Sky View option next month in California, and from then on you can expect a majority of Chirons to roll out with the feature. Last year Bugatti delivered 70 Chirons, and with total production being limited to 500 most of them are already signed for. In other words, you’d better hurry…

bugatti chiron sky view 1

Motormouth reached out to Bugatti, but they saw through our act and wouldn’t give anything away: “We do not communicate options prices as a matter of rule,” came the official reply. “This will be shared with our customers directly when they configure the car…”


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