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Volkswagen wants you to see the world in colour

Volkswagen wants you to see the world in colour

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

By some accounts nearly 80 percent of new cars sold come in black or white, or a grey mix of the two. Volkswagen has added 40 loud new colours to the Golf R paint palette to brighten your hot hatch world…

There are too many boring cars sold in boring colours, and they aren’t even proper colours if you want to get pedantic. White and black cars together account for half of all vehicles sold every year, and then you get a bunch of variations of the two, loads of silvers and greys, which is a pretty depressing statistic when you stop and think about it.


According to vehicle paint supplier Axalta, which has been doing surveys on this sort of thing for 66 years, 37 percent of new vehicles sold are white, and 18 percent come painted black, with 11 percent each for grey and silver. That means 77 percent of cars on the roads are making the world a duller place. Another supplier, DuPont, comes up with a slightly jollier figure of 55 percent when it comes to new cars painted boring.

volkswagen colour golf r 1

Irish Green was the go-to colour for the Porsche family’s personal cars…

Isn’t it ironic, then, that the greyest of all manufacturers, Volkswagen, has stepped in to add a splash of colour to your surroundings with the 2019 Golf R, which thanks to the company’s Spectrum options list allows customers to choose from over 40 loud colours for the 292bhp hot hatch.

Enthusiasts will love some of the new offerings, which include throwbacks like Mars Red just like the MkI Golf GTI released in 1976, and Deep Blue Pearl from the MkIV R32. Dig deeper into the palette and you’ll see the option of Irish Green, a favorite hue of the Porsche family for their personal cars, as well as Ginster Yellow which was found on the famous Harlequin Golf, plus Nogaro Blue which is one of Audi’s performance favourites.

Viper Green adds a splash of Lambo to your Golf…

Some exotic colours are also found on the list, like Lamborghini’s Copper Orange and Viper Green. Another Porsche connection is the Moss Green option, just like 1980’s impact-bumpered 911s. In short, the world’s just better in colour.


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