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Get a dose of LC with your 2019 Lexus RC

Get a dose of LC with your 2019 Lexus RC

Dejan Jovanovic 1 year ago

Lexus has spruced up the RC for the 2019 model year with a mid-life update that incorporates some styling cues borrowed from its bigger sibling, the LC coupe…

We quite like the somewhat unconventional Lexus LC when we tested the car in the UAE. It’s the only choice in the luxury segment that still serves up a naturally-aspirated V8 engine, and it’s all the better for it even though everyone else is chasing huge torque figures with twin-turbochargers for marketing bragging rights. Lexus stuck to its own, and utilised a Yamaha-tuned engine that screams all the way past 7,000rpm.

2019 lexus rc uae 1

Anyway, now that the LC is out and about Lexus decided to use some of its cues for the brand’s cheaper, smaller RC coupe model and turn out a 2019 facelift. Which is right on time seeing as the RC has been around since 2014 and well due for a mid-life update.

2019 lexus rc uae 1

The full reveal of the 2019 Lexus RC is scheduled for the Paris motor show in October, but you can expect to see a new front bumper, new headlamps, and a new mesh grille, plus a whole bunch of LEDs and more aggressive air ducts. Around the back there are some signature L-shaped taillights, and you’ll also find some sharper 19-in wheels as well as a total of 10 exterior colours to pick from. The highlight is called Blue Vortex, which is a new paint option for the 2019 RC.

Your choices for the interior have been expanded too, so you can kit out your RC with yellow accents if you like that sort of thing.

2019 lexus rc uae 1

Most importantly Lexus has thought about the driving performance of the car and this is where the Japanese say more lessons learnt with the LC have been incorporated – the aerodynamics are reportedly enhanced, as well as the suspension to offer sharper handling. The bushings are now firmer and the shocks absorbers stiffened up, however Lexus is quick to add the ride quality hasn’t been compromised.


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