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Check your six for the new 2019 Mercedes GLE

Check your six for the new 2019 Mercedes GLE

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

Mercedes-Benz has just revealed the new fourth-generation GLE which is coming to the UAE next year packing a straight-six engine and more gizmos than an S-Class…

Well, they did actually get there first, so the Stuttgarters are allowed to keep reminding us of the fact every time a new Mercedes SUV is launched – the premium SUV mania started with the 1997 M-Class that beat BMW’s X5 to the market by two years.


Now the line is in its fourth generation with the latest 2019 Mercedes GLE, which is ready to go on sale next year slotting neatly in between the GLC and GLS.

Still familiar in terms of design, the new GLE does move with the times introducing the company’s signature look up front, with LED headlamps, and slip taillights, as well as up to 22-inch wheels. Naturally the styling team had to leave some bling on the table for the inevitable ‘coupe’ version of the fourth-gen GLE.

2019 mercedes benz gle uae

What you don’t see are the minute changes made to the body to improve aerodynamics – the new GLE boasts a low drag coefficient of just 0.29 which Mercedes claims makes it the most aerodynamic SUV in the segment.

2019 mercedes benz gle uae

An even bigger deal for the consumer is the increased space inside, so you can get a longer wheelbase compared to the predecessor model, and more legroom which means a third-row of seats will be available in the GLE for the first time as an option. As for luggage capacity, with the seats up you get 825 litres and seeing as the vehicle comes with air suspension, you can drop the rear end by 40mm for easier loading at the push of a button.

2019 mercedes benz gle uae

Thanks to 48-volt electric the suspension is fully active and smarter than the system in the S-Class, plus the 2019 GLE comes loaded with driving assists and safety kit, able to recognize traffic and obstacles and even take control in a jam at speeds of up to 60km/h.

2019 mercedes benz gle uae

This whole premium SUV mania started more than 20 years ago with the 1997 Mercedes M-Class

When it launches the first model available will be the 2019 Mercedes GLE 450 which houses a straight-six engine under the bonnet, rated at 367 horsepower and 500Nm of torque. A nine-speed automatic transmission drives all four wheels, with a 50:50 standard torque split. Apart from the six-cylinder, the entry-level GLE packs a four-cylinder, but there’s no news on any V8-engined AMG models or plug-in hybrids yet.


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