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We’d all buy a Nissan Navara if it looked like this

We’d all buy a Nissan Navara if it looked like this

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

You can aim for the stars with the new Nissan Navara Dark Sky concept truck, literally – it’s a mobile astronomy lab that also happens to look, ahem, out of this world…

Pick-up truck enthusiasts tend to have cowboy predispositions but we’re not all gap-toothed squirrel-eaters – some of us dream big. Some wanted to go to space as kids, and to them Nissan can finally say they’ve got that niche covered. (*Rocket ship not included.)


nissan navara dark sky concept uae

The Japanese brand got together with the European Space Agency – it’s like NASA but with fancy accents – to create a fully functioning mobile astronomy lab, complete with a telescope in tow, that’s able to zoom into the discs of Saturn with its 40cm primary mirror.

nissan navara dark sky concept uae

But you can leave the observatory at home, handily, and then you’re just left with a badass looking Nissan Navara. Because it’s been made by clever people for even cleverer people, the Dark Sky concept model comes with semi-autonomous driving modes so it can steer itself along gentle curves and follow traffic.

The beefed up exterior paintwork is inspired by space, and the interior is supposed to be a setting sun. It looks great, even though nothing’s been done to underneath so that means a 2.3-litre turbodiesel worth 450Nm of torque.  

nissan navara dark sky concept uae

Come to think of it the Navara should definitely come with a Nismo parts catalogue like the Mopar deal you get with Jeep, if Nissan had any idea how to sell a lifestyle pick-up truck.


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