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Lay off the gold and cut 100 grammes off your McLaren Speedtail

Lay off the gold and cut 100 grammes off your McLaren Speedtail

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

McLaren is offering customised nose and tail badges for the 106 lucky individuals who have a 1,000bhp-plus Speedtail on order – what’ll it be, gold, carbon fibre, platinum, or a plain old sticker?

If you’re one of 106 people that ordered a central-seater McLaren Speedtail, the Woking company will now give you the option of personalising your hypercar even further, by way of some extra bling.


We’re guessing a mere 1,000 horsepower (plus) and a top speed of more than 390km/h (to ensure the Speedtail is faster than the McLaren F1) isn’t enough to attract attention, so McLaren is offering owners the option of bespoke badges, two on the front and one at the rear.

2019 McLaren speedtail uae1

Namely you can have it made of platinum or 18 carat white gold with carbon fibre inlays, or just about anything you can come up with because McLaren isn’t about to refuse more money from you. And seeing as you already shelled out about $2.3 million on the thing (AED8.5 million), what’s a few thousand more for a bit of gold…

McLaren uses a specialist British jewellery maker to come up with the badges, the same people that make trophies for football cups and Olympic gold medals. Then they use laser etching to get the look just right, however even with some “new and exclusive” thin-ply technology for the carbon fibre bits, the front badge still weighs a whopping 100 grammes.

That’s just unacceptable – remember that Gordon Murray famously chose to just engrave the name of the car in the bodywork, so not only did he avoid adding weight, he actually removed a few grammes while at it.

Of course, you could just skip the whole thing and accept the standard badges, which are made of aluminium and still weigh a relative tonne.

2019 McLaren speedtail uae1

Like its spiritual predecessor, the 1994 McLaren F1, the new Speedtail is a three-seater hypercar with the driver located in the centre of the monocoque tub

So the only solution and the right thing to do when it comes to the Speedtail – a machine built for one thing and one thing only, speed – is to forget everything and just specify the weight-conscious option, which is a lacquered transfer that weighs practically nothing.

Of course by lacquered transfer they mean ‘a sticker’, but that’s not a very posh way of putting it. Anyway, you’ll literally save grammes, and probably less significantly, you’ll also save a few thousand bucks…


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