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The one-off Lamborghini SC18 is a road-legal race car

The one-off Lamborghini SC18 is a road-legal race car

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

Lamborghini’s racing department has had some fun with an Aventador, turning it into the one-off Lamborghini SC18 for one very lucky and very wealthy customer

Whoever the mysterious buyer is, it’s safe to assume there’s more than one Lamborghini stashed in their secret underground lair, because Sant’Agata doesn’t do one-offs for just anybody – in fact Lamborghini doesn’t do one-offs, period, unless of course you walk in waving enough cars around. 


2019 lamborghini sc18 uae 8

That’s exactly what an anonymous collector did, because however much it was, it was clearly enough for the first one-off built by the folks in Sant’Agata ever. The new Lamborghini SC18 was developed by the company’s Squad Corse racing department, incorporating lessons learned with the Lamborghini Super Trofeo and GT3 race cars.

As far as we’re concerned at Motormouth, we’re just glad to see so many bespoke supercars surfacing all of a sudden – Ferrari’s back at the whole coachbuilding thing too with the recent announcement of the Monza SP1 and SP2, and then there’s the  Porsche 935 ‘Moby Dick’ which although not a one-off creation won’t have us complaining either way – and the more the merrier.

2019 lamborghini sc18 uae 8

Designed in-house by the Italians, with input from the customer, the SC18 is said to also pave the way for more future developments of special projects like this one. Although it’s fully road legal, the SC18 comes bedecked with aero appendages to eke out maximum downforce through those pesky highway offramps. You can barely tell it started out as a Lamborghini, from all the intakes, strakes, fins, and wings. At the back, the 12 vents increase heat ventilation and keep the 6.5-litre V12 engine breathing free.

2019 lamborghini sc18 uae 8

Like the Aventador SVJ that we test drove in Portugal, the Lamborghini SC18 produces 770 horsepower at 8,500rpm and 720Nm of torque at 6,750rpm, which means you’ll need to keep the revs up to get the most out of it, which is probably all right by you and me… Otherwise, good luck posing in front of a five-star hotel – the SC18 sits just 109mm above the ground, and with so little clearance any speed bump will prove to be a massive challenge. Although it’s probably nothing that the owner’s wallet can’t handle.


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