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Check out your next Toyota Corolla

Check out your next Toyota Corolla

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

The Japanese have bumped up the power and the equipment list for the all-new 12th generation 2020 Toyota Corolla – how does 169 horsepower and 205Nm of torque sound?

Toyota has sold 46 million Corollas so far, which means that for all our nonsense cries of beigeness, the Japanese aren’t about to mess with a sure thing.

Um, well, actually… This is the new 2020 Toyota Corolla that’s just been unveiled simultaneously in China and the US, and it looks like the Japanese have definitely rediscovered a bit of lost enthusiasm for their craft.

2020 toyota corolla uae

The all-new design is based on the company’s TNGA platform that’s familiar now as the basis of the CH-R crossover and the new Camry. Only the wheelbase dimension is shared with the previous 11th generation model, otherwise it’s wider both front and rear, with shorter overhangs for better proportions overall, and a lower height.

2020 toyota corolla uae

What’s more, Toyota is promising an engaging saloon to drive, fitting a 2.0-litre engine updated to deliver 169 horsepower, which is a significant bump up from the current Corolla in our GCC-spec making just 143 horsepower. For the US market at least, Toyota is even offering a six-speed manual transmission, and sporty trim feels with LEDs, smoked lamps, plus 18-inch whees available for the Corolla for the first time as standard kit on fully-loaded examples.

2020 toyota corolla uae

Inside the 2020 Corolla, you get an 8.0-inch multimedia display, and a cabin redesigned with better ergonomics in mind – for example, the armrest is a couple of centimetres longer and it’s little details such as those that make a car easier to live with on a daily basis.

The driver additionally sits lower and further back, which provides more room, but also lowers the centre of gravity and optimises weight distribution. Coupled to thinner A-pillars, you’ll be able to see out a bit better in the 2020 Corolla too.

2020 toyota corolla uae

The rest of the equipment list is pretty extensive, including kit such as connectivity features, JBL nine-speaker sound system, and, sadly, a CVT which simulates a 10-speed automatic transmission. 


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