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If you live for track days you’ll like the updated 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT

If you live for track days you’ll like the updated 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT

Dejan Jovanovic 2 years ago

The Germans have updated the Mercedes-AMG GT for 2019 and added a new AMG GT R Pro model to the line-up as the brand’s track-focussed flagship

As soon as Affalterbach let loose the Mercedes-AMG GT coupe we quickly categorised the thing as an out-and-out supercar, thanks to a hard ride, quick reactions and aggressive nature all round.


Now four years later it’s time for a mid-life update and Mercedes-Benz’s performance arm just north-east of Stuttgart has deemed it necessary to further turn things up, creating an even more aggressive and faster 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT.

2019 mercedes-amg gt

It begins with the usual mid-life facelift stuff, such as a subtly updated interior where the Germans mainly fiddled with the centre console layout, and added some snazzy new coloured display buttons using TFT tech. Oh, and there’s that new-generation AMG steering wheel with the traditional (and useless) squared-off bottom and integrated touch-control buttons just like you get in an S-Class. Meanwhile the infotainment system is shared with the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door.

From the outside you can tell the new car apart with some fresh LEDs while at the back the rear lights also get a slight redesign, and you’ll notice the updated diffuser and tailpipes.

2019 mercedes-amg gt

Instead of messing with the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 too much, Merc’s engineers focussed on power delivery and the electronics claiming improvement to lateral acceleration and traction in general, which bodes well for an already well-handling car.

The big deal is the addition to the 2019 range of the new Mercedes-AMG  GT R Pro which is rated t 585bhp and 700Nm of torque just like the GT R, translating to zero to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 317km/h.

2019 mercedes-amg gt

This GT R Pro comes to you directly evolving from the company’s GT3 and GT4 racing experience. Its fully-adjustable suspension features a carbon fibre torsion bar up front and a steel one (although it’s hollow for lightness) at the rear, plus there’s a proper roll-cage in there as well.

2019 mercedes-amg gt

To get more downforce out of the thing, AMG has gone with a carbon fibre front splitter, fins in the wings, trim strips in the side sills, and a rear diffuser. All these tricks added to the AMG GT R Pro equal a Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time of 7.04.632 minutes, which isn’t that far off the fabled sub-seven lap.


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