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A super-rich collector commissioned this one-off Ferrari SP3JC

A super-rich collector commissioned this one-off Ferrari SP3JC

Dejan Jovanovic 7 months ago

When you’re VIP enough and cashed up enough and have enough red cars hoarded up in the underground lair, you too can have a one-off Ferrari with your name on it…

Anyone who ever finds themselves in the market for a 20- or 30-million dollar Ferrari knows there is just one man they need to speak to, John Collins, owner of Talacrest, which happens to be one of the leading dealers of classic Fezzas on the planet.

ferrari sp3jc uae

Naturally the man has some clout over in Maranello, and very deep pockets, which is the only way you can ever get a car from Ferrari with your initials on the VIN plate.

So we dare not even imagine how much he had to hand over for the privilege of owning this one-off Ferrari SP3JC. Following on from the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 ‘special projects’ from the Italians, this third one is suffixed by Collin’s initials since he commissioned it in a unique white and blue colour combination and specifically asked for a roadster based on the Ferrari F12tdf.

ferrari sp3jc uae

Inspired by open-top road-racing Ferraris from the 1950s and 1960s, the SP3JC is the result of two years of work, and comes with some sculpting treatments to the flanks, a new air intake up front, and a completely redesigned rear fascia to make the car look even wider. 

ferrari sp3jc uae

Settling on Azzuro Met and Giallo Modena (that’s blue and yellow…) for the livery to go over the Bianco Italia white body, the look is said to come from Collins’ passion for Pop Art. And if you’re curious you can see the 780-horsepower V12 engine beneath split glass inserts if you’re ever lucky enough to stumble upon John and his roadster… Tell him we said hi.


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