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The 1980 AMC Eagle lives on in the new Nissan IMs concept

The 1980 AMC Eagle lives on in the new Nissan IMs concept

Dejan Jovanovic 6 months ago

We’ve already lifted hatchbacks to create crossovers, so let’s lift saloon cars next. That’s what Nissan has done with the IMs concept in Detroit

We can’t start yet another post with how vulnerable saloon cars are at the moment – Ford and GM are cutting production of four-door saloons in the US to focus on SUVs for example. That’s the game, play the rules.

But we have to start yet another post going on and on about because crossovers are hot the idea has now crept into the saloon car segment to create what Nissan calls ‘elevated sedans’.

“This bold Nissan IMs concept represents the birth of an entirely new segment of vehicle, an elevated, electrified sports sedan,” reckons Denis Le Vot, senior vice president, Nissan North America.

nissan ims 1980 amc eagle concept uae

The 1980 AMC Eagle may have started something there…

That’s right, the 1980 AMC Eagle lives, and Roy Lunn would just like to say, “Ha, who’s the idiot now?”

About four decades later lifting a family four-door saloon has caught on with the Japanese, and at the Detroit motor show this week we got a glimpse of a future trend with the Nissan IMs concept car.

nissan ims 1980 amc eagle concept uae

Obviously it’s an electric thing, because it’s the future, with a saloon body over the skateboard platform and an electric motor for each axle to give you all-wheel drive. The IMs is a functional concept that rides on air suspension and generates 483 horsepower and a rather handy 800Nm of torque. That’s a bit more than Roy had.

Nissan also says the IMs can do more than 600km on a single charge which in itself is impressive. The relatively compact car rides on 22-inch wheels and evolves Nissan’s design language with cues you’ll start seeing in showrooms on upcoming production cars.

nissan ims 1980 amc eagle concept uae

The designers point out the pillarless doors, and the rear taillights, that full-width look being pretty on-trend at the moment.

It didn’t really work for AMC in the 1980s, but we’ll see if the idea of a lifted sedan works this time around.


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