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Henrik Fisker is ready for a comeback with a cheap all-electric SUV

Henrik Fisker is ready for a comeback with a cheap all-electric SUV

Amit Benjamin 2 years ago

Big-time car designer Henrik Fisker is looking to get back into the limelight with a new all-electric SUV

Remember Fisker? Of course you do. Obviously not for their cars but the man behind the eponymous brand – Henrik Fisker. The Danish designer was responsible for the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and the previous generation Vantage – none of which are mingers by any stretch of the imagination. We’ll let the goofy-looking Fisker Karma slide for the purposes of this article…


So, the man knows how to design a good looking car and is one of the trailblazers in alternate propulsion with Fisker Automotive, so it stands to reason he could give Tesla, and its new Model Y, a bit of a headache. Also in the Dane’s crosshairs are all the newcomers from Mercedes, BMW, Audi and the rest with their e-trons and EQs… Which is exactly what he’s doing with this yet-unnamed all-electric SUV. Going by the only sketch released, it at least holds visual promise, but this is where is gets interesting – Fisker wants to create a desirable, electric SUV that costs under $40,0000, or about AED150,000 in our money. The Fisker SUV, which undoubtedly will get up Tesla’s nose, positions itself as a mass market electric vehicle.

henrik fisker suv ev uae price

Fisker first got serious at BMW, working on the electric E1 concept car in 1989, and went on to do Astons, yachts and bikes

Technical details, as scant as they are right now, make for decent spec-sheet sabre rattling nonetheless. The Fisker SUV will be powered by an 80kWh-plus lithium-ion battery, driving two electric motors which in turn will channel the motivation to all four corners. Driving range is indeed a big consideration and the Fisker doesn’t disappoint with a claimed distance of about 480 kilometres on a single charge.

The Fisker SUV is likely to be revealed in its full glory before this year is out, but will only go on sale around 2021. While there is plenty of talk about the quality of materials and technology, only time will tell if it is doomed to relive the fate of the Karma. We hope not.

The Fisker SUV will be followed by the eMotion electric sports saloon, which will expectedly aim for the premium end of the market and will be priced accordingly. Tesla : Fisker – Fight!


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