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Overfinch overdoes it with this new Range Rover Velocity

Overfinch overdoes it with this new Range Rover Velocity

Amit Benjamin 2 years ago

British tuner adds an extra dose of testosterone and kitsch to the Range Rover with the new Overfinch Velocity

This is the new Range Rover Overfinch Velocity. And it will ensure people make a rather rapid judgment about your taste in automobiles as soon as they set eyes upon it. However, before we commence some background information is in order.


2019 range rover overfinch velocity uae1

Overfinch is a company based in England that’s been customising Land Rovers since 1975. While most of its creations have been fairly elegant, the new Velocity takes thing up a notch to cater to the modern tastes used to Brabus and Mansory.

A Range Rover is supposed to be regal and stately, which are exactly not the adjectives that you would use to describe a carbon-fibre body kit, which the Velocity has. It’s finished in satin black paint and the bonnet is adorned with a thumping great powerdome, which we are almost certain is completely unnecessary.

2019 range rover overfinch velocity uae1

Out back there are fake exhaust tips, finished in carbon fibre, obviously. And there is a substantial rear diffuser to aid, er, downforce at high speed, or nothing at all which is more likely. It also gets outlandish 23-inch ‘Cyclone’ wheels, which further contribute to its OTT design details. Subtle this is not.

2019 range rover overfinch velocity uae1

To be honest however, the interior is rather fetching. You won’t find any of Mansory-style retina-singeing aesthetics in here. You can have pretty much whatever materials you want – within reason, of course – and the quilted leather actually looks quite good.

Naturally, you can choose just about any exterior paint finish, however, that’s not going to subdue the excessively garish styling. In our opinion, it looks especially try-hard when viewed side-on and from dead-front.

2019 range rover overfinch velocity uae1

There is no word on whether there are any mechanical changes to the car, but this Overfinch we have to admit is veering perilously close to the Lummas and the Mansorys of this world. This is not what Range Rovers are for – that’s why the BMW X6 exists, anyway.


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