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This 115th anniversary Rolls-Royce Phantom one-off will be sold online

This 115th anniversary Rolls-Royce Phantom one-off will be sold online

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

To celebrate 115 years of building expensive cars, Rolls-Royce is building an expensive car, a one-off to be exact that is heading to an online auction

On my birthday Facebook sends me a card, and then I have pizza in bed. Others though tend to do things with a bit more grandeur. Rolls-Royce for example, is celebrating 115 years of building some of the world’s most expensive cars, by building one of the world’s most expensive cars.

Ever since one 27-year old Charles Rolls bumped into Henry Royce at a hotel in England back in 1904, these two have kept setting standards in the automotive world, and the company bearing their names continues in this direction today. When they started, Charles and Henry could only shift 10 cars a year, but last year Rolls-Royce found over 4,000 customers. The recent addition of the Cullinan SUV to the lineup had a lot to do with the record numbers.

rolls royce phantom bespoke 115 anniversary uae price

With the Cullinan SUV now in the lineup, Rolls-Royce posted a record year in 2018 with 4,107 sales in total

Naturally, company boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös offered a birthday toast: “It is a tremendous privilege to be continuing and building on work that began 115 years ago… But we also understand that our founders were visionaries, always looking to do things in new and different ways. It’s that spirit of excellence and innovation that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars embodies and celebrates today.”

So, fittingly, Rolls-Royce is celebrating with a special one-off car that will be built around the flagship Phantom model, and then sold at an auction for what will surely amount to a very nice chunk of change. The twist is, it’s an online auction, which must be what Müller-Ötvös meant when he mentioned visionaries, and innovation.

The unique Phantom will be finished in a deep red paint, with five layers and each polished for five hours. The bespoke interior is full of leather and wood, and the obligatory birthday plaque. Apart from the teaser image up top, little else is known about the 115 anniversary special expect that it will be expensive, so make sure your PayPal is topped up.


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