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After 35 years the BMW M5 is still bothering supercars

After 35 years the BMW M5 is still bothering supercars

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

The new 2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years is the most powerful M5 ever, built to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the four-door super-saloon that helped fuel the horsepower war  

“Wo alle vergleiche enden,” the Germans said – ‘Where all comparisons end’. And the marketing men had a point back in 1985 when the first BMW M5 rolled out inconspicuously, hand-made, from the company’s Garching motorsport department.

2020 bmw m5 edition 35 uae price5

It was red, but it wasn’t a Ferrari. Whaa?!

There had been nothing else like it before, and when the first E28 generation M5 was launched 35 years ago, it cost Ferrari money. Then again, this four-door saloon could run with supercars all day long – with a 24-valve straight-six made famous in the mid-engined BMW M1, the 3.5-litre M5 developed over 280 horsepower and 340Nm of torque, which was more than Maranello’s latest Ferrari 328 was worth at the time.

Nobody had asked for it, but the super-saloon was born, and 35 years later the Germans continue with domestic disputes over supremacy in this segment.

2020 bmw m5 edition 35 uae price3

Now BMW would like to remind you how this whole horsepower war in four-door family cars started anyway, with the new BMW M5 Edition 35 putting down 625bhp and 750Nm of torque. Only 350 examples of this anniversary special will be made, each based on the M5 Competition and capable of zero to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds. Two hundred goes by in 10.8 seconds, again, supercar stuff.

For the look, the M5 Edition 35 comes exclusively in a sort of grey, which BMW has a special silky matte finish to it, plus the car gets some unique 20-inch alloys wheels, naturally also finished in grey. If you spec the optional carbon ceramic brakes, the Germans will throw on a splash of colour with brake calipers finished in gold.

2020 bmw m5 edition 35 uae price2

Inside the car is trimmed in black and gold leather with plenty of gold-anodized carbon trim, something BMW has tried for the first time. Otherwise each one will get a plaque denoting its production number out of 350, and it goes without mentioning but we’ll mention it anyway, that this is the most powerful M5 in the history of the nameplate.

2020 bmw m5 edition 35 uae price2


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