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The $2m 2020 Lotus Evija is the lightweight special of EVs

The $2m 2020 Lotus Evija is the lightweight special of EVs

Dejan Jovanovic 1 year ago

Lotus wants in on the hypercar game, with a $2m, all-electric, 2,000 horsepower ground-effect monster. A good looking one, mind you – here comes the 2020 Lotus Evija…

The real estate people would call this a buyer’s market. It’s a great time to be shopping around for a ridiculously expensive electrified hypercar. Everyone seems to be at it, from Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes and the rest of the establishment to companies you’ve never heard of.


After 71 years of doing low-quality high-thrills sports cars with low weight the ethos, Lotus has lately been whispering about contradictions like SUVs and actually making some money. Instead they came up with a simpler plan – just charge people millions.

2020 lotus evija ev hypercar uae price1

That’s where the $2m Lotus Evija comes in – this hypercar is already up for reservation with production green-lit to begin in 2020. Hethel will only make 130 examples of the Evija, which is  related to the car’s project code, Lotus Type 130. And as for the real meaty stuff underneath, it all sounds quite familiar.

Like most of the other hypercars being flaunted around these days, the Lotus wraps up all the headline figures – target output is 2,000 horsepower; top speed over 340km/h; zero to 100km/h in under three seconds.

2020 lotus evija ev hypercar uae price1

The big hook however, is that the Evija also serves up a zero-emissions driving range of up to 400km, because it’s electric. And as the first all-electric Lotus in history (unless you count those first-gen Tesla Roadsters…), Hethel ensured some fundamental characteristics weren’t messed with. That’s why this Lotus somehow manages to weigh in under 1.7-tonnes which is pretty great for an EV, packing its batteries where you’d expect to see a mid-mounted engine behind the two seats to supply four electric motors. A carbon fibre monocoque construction (the tub weighs 129kg) supports the company’s claim of the Evoja being the lightest production electric hypercar on the market. Well, when it goes into production… Colin Chapman would be pretty chuffed.

Apart from the impressive figures above, consider this: Lotus says the car will accelerate from 100km/h to 200km/h in less than three seconds, and then from 200km/h to 300km/h in less than four seconds. That basically means the Lotus Evija will do zero to 300km/h in under 10 seconds, which sounds plausible when you stop and realise that each wheel has 500 horsepower behind it.

2020 lotus evija ev hypercar uae price1

The Brits promise a real driver’s car, and the interior looks like it won’t smell of glue. The cabin is motorsport inspired with bucket seats and a seriously squared-off steering wheel. Of course, there’s loads of mentions of jets in the press material, particularly concerning those ‘afterburner’ rear lights and the cockpit design, as well as the trick aero work. Lotus dispensed with a huge rear wing and instead went with venturis under the vehicle to generate downforce, so it’s a ground-effect car like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Gordon Murray’s upcoming T.50.

You’re basically spoilt for choice these days, and when it comes to the Lotus Evija a mere $300,000 plus some change will secure your build slot in the order books.


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