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A Nissan Sunny was the best thing the 2019 Dubai motor show had to offer

A Nissan Sunny was the best thing the 2019 Dubai motor show had to offer

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

There wasn’t much to see at the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show, except of course for the star of the show, the 2020 Nissan Sunny… Oh, and also two dune-bashing trucks

There was the very slight matter of the Dubai Motor Show – in its most stripped out form to date – to attend to this week, where a handful of manufacturers that bothered to attend showed off their wares. If you wasted some money for an entry ticket, you may have even seen a highly optimistic supercar or two.


But never mind that, because here we’re talking about the car of the show, parked front and centre on the same stand that homed the 50th anniversary Nissan GT-R.

And while Nissan may be in the doldrums, with profits down 70 percent in the worst annual result in 11 years, nobody actually told the GCC. Over here we love us a Sunny, and this 2020 model sits on an all-new platform, and you can even have it in actual colours like blue and red. Much amaze.

dubai motor show Nissan 2019 2020 uae price

On the other side of Nissan’s show stand the Japanese giant brought along a Patrol exclusive to the Middle East. The designers say they were inspired by the “most iconic animal to inhabit the desert”, the gazelle.

Coincidentally, like the gas-guzzling Patrol, the Arabian gazelle is a threatened species, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Developed especially for our market, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari Gazelle Storm is a concept for now, featuring all the goodies you need to be the top dog on the dunes. Powered by a 4.8-litre six-cylinder engine, the Gazelle Storm additionally has an on-board air compressor, built-in storage box and drawers, a barbecue grill holder, and a fridge.

dubai motor show Nissan 2019 2020 uae price

Nissan also gave the whole Gazelle treatment to the Navara pick-up truck, with similar red-grey-black graphics, a two-inch lift kit, air compressor, beefy tyres, new heavy-duty bumpers, and stronger suspension. Although the company states it’s a concept, Nissan also admits you can have it with either a petrol or diesel 2.5-litre engine, which clearly suggests these show cars will go into production for local distribution.

Considering the Nissan Gazelle SUV launched last winter cost nearly 300 grand, you can also get an idea about the pricing which should make these new versions not exactly cheap. If that’s too dear, you will surely enjoy your Uber driver’s white 2020 Sunny, complete with the delivery protective plastics all over the interior. Mmm, how about that new car smell…


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