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In an alternate universe this new Hyundai Prophecy would be a Saab

In an alternate universe this new Hyundai Prophecy would be a Saab

Dejan Jovanovic 1 year ago

The Koreans have sprung quite a surprise on us with this new Hyundai Prophecy concept car that previews a new design language and future production models

In an alternate universe, one where GM didn’t butcher the fate of Saab, this would be a new Swedish sedan. Instead, it’s actually a Hyundai, and a very interesting one too.


Hyundai prophecy concept uae

The latest Hyundai Prophecy concept previews the Koreans’ future design language which the marketing department calls Sensuous Sportiness. It’s all about clean lines, minimalist panels and subtle detailing and it’s made possible thanks to a new EV architecture that allows for ultra short overhangs front and rear with the wheels pushed right out to the edges. With its liquid black paintwork the Prophecy looks like a giant, smooth onyx stone, and we appreciate the restraint exercised by Hyundai’s design team in an era of spoilers, wings, and fake vents.

Hyundai prophecy concept uae

With fewer styling compromises associated with EV vehicle platforms, the Prophecy concept also priorities aerodynamics, and more specifically low drag. There is certainly some Ursaab in there (the first 1940s prototype Saab pictured below), and a bit of Porsche 911 too.

Hyundai prophecy concept uae

For the lighting Hyundai is pushing something called pixelated lamps on this concept (also seen on last year’s Hyundai 45 show car), which the Koreans say will be a signature feature on its vehicles in the near future. On the Prophecy pixelated lighting is present in the headlamps, tail lamps, and the spoiler.

Naturally the car also shouts about AI and driverless technologies so that you get a couple of joysticks inside instead of a steering wheel. The airy interior includes a dash that swivels to free up even more space, and reclining seats when you feel like giving up control to the computers.

Hyundai prophecy concept uae

The Hyundai Prophecy concept is a nice surprise from the Koreans but it will be even more interesting to note whether this clean design actually makes it intact to production cars soon. Compared to the sharp, precise lines advocated by the German and Japanese manufacturers these days, this Hyundai feels fresh and clean in an age of increasing conformity when it comes to car design.


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