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Hyundai’s dream team brings you the new 2021 Genesis G80

Hyundai’s dream team brings you the new 2021 Genesis G80

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

The new 2021 Genesis G80 is a classy and simple luxury saloon that could really take the fight to the established luxury brands

The world’s fifth-biggest car company doesn’t screw around – in 2015 when Hyundai decided to get into the luxury game it was all very cute and lots of laughs were had by all. The fact is the Koreans’ Genesis spin-off brand hit the ground running – last year Genesis doubled sales in the US and with a new SUV coming that kind of growth looks sustainable.   


2021 genesis g80 uae price1

The roster is full of MVPs – Luc Donckerwolke (ex-Bentley) is Executive Vice President. Filippo Perini (ex-Lamborghini) is chief designer, Peter Schreyer (ex-Audi) manages the department, and Sasha Selipanov (ex-Bugatti) gets a hand in as well. Albert Biermann (ex-BMW M) sorts out the chassis and handling. Right about now, if you’re a German premium brand you’re watching this space very closely indeed.

Now this dream team has come up with the all-new Genesis G80 sitting on a new platform and packing the latest powertrain and tech on board. The mid-size luxury saloon will go up against the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and the like.

2021 genesis g80 uae price1

Genesis hasn’t revealed any specifications of the latest G80, but we’re likely looking at a price of around $45,000 which is in line with the outgoing model, and a V6 engine producing upwards of 310 horsepower. 

Otherwise all talk at the model’s reveal was focused on the design. The front end is meant to evoke the brand’s badge, which is why the grille looks like a crest with two lines of the wings extending outwards into the quad headlamps. On 20-inch wheels the G80 looks pretty smart indeed.

2021 genesis g80 uae price5

The interior is even better, and far from the glitzy mess you find in some German luxury cars these days. The designers did well to exercise some restraint here instead of tacking on as many screens and as they could. Instead you get simple, continuous lines, and a single 14.5-inch screen.

According to Genesis everything will be revealed in more detail later this month when the new G80 goes on sale in its home market before heading everywhere else to keep bothering the status quo.


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