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McLaren keeps making the same car and just changing its name

McLaren keeps making the same car and just changing its name

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

This is McLaren’s 20th (or so) supercar since the company got serious with the automotive division in 2011. Or, it’s the same thing with a 20th name change – we’re still figuring this out…

Oh look, it’s a new McLaren, which is exactly the same as the old McLaren, except they now call this one 765LT so it must be new. It still has the same old ‘Monocage’ monocoque chassis, and a 10-year old twin-turbocharged V8 engine in the middle mated to the familiar seven-speed transmission. But really, it’s new, even if it’s actually just a ‘full-options’ 720S.


mclaren 765lt uae price supercar

The McLaren 765LT develops 755 horsepower and 800Nm of torque at 5,500rpm, so it’ll do zero to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds and hit a maximum speed of 330km/h. With 390mm brakes up front and 380mm rear discs this supercar will also stop just fine, requiring less than 30 metres to slow from 100km/h back down to zero.

McLaren says this is the next chapter in the company’s ‘Longtail’ story, that reads much like the previous chapter. With loads of carbon fibre the 765LT is 80kg lighter than the 720S coupe – engineers went with thinner windows to save weight, as well as titanium exhausts and forged alloy wheels. The exhaust alone is 40 percent lighter than a comparable steel system. As standard equipment, McLaren has even graciously omitted the sound system and the air-conditioning which everyone will just pay extra to have put back in.

mclaren 765lt uae price supercar 1

Since it’s based on the 720S, the 765LT sits 5mm lower to the ground with a 6mm wider front track and new suspension to decrease body roll. A bigger new wing at the back also acts as an air brake by deploying in less than half-a-second and increasing downforce at the rear by 60 percent when you stomp on the left pedal. If you plan on getting a McLaren 765LT and heading to the track regularly, the Brits will also sell you an upgraded brake pack that comes off the McLaren Senna.

If you want one the McLaren 765LT will set you back about AED1.5 million or just short of $400,000. Otherwise if you wait a little while you can have a more impressive car in just a couple of months – we have a bit of scoop from an insider in the know who tells us that Woking is hard at work developing even more name badges as you read this.

mclaren 765lt uae price supercar 1


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