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The simple, light, and cheap Apex AP-0 seems like the true Lotus of EVs

The simple, light, and cheap Apex AP-0 seems like the true Lotus of EVs

Dejan Jovanovic 1 year ago

With a claimed kerb weight of 1,200kg the new Apex AP-0 is a lightweight all-electric supercar coming soon at a surprisingly affordable price

Normally when mega-horsepower supercars come out we’re talking about million-dollar specials designed with maximum on-paper prowess. A small British company founded by two Chinese-Australian brothers is taking a different route with a compact performance EV developed with small figures in mind, relatively speaking… I mean, the new Apex AP-0 still does zero to 100kmh in 2.3 seconds and tops out at 305km/h.


2022 apex ap-0 ev supercar uae price 1

If you haven’t heard of Apex that’s fine, there are more apocalyptic news matters to worry about right now like where to buy more toilet paper. But Apex went ahead and held its launch last night in the UK, for its first ever model scheduled to go into production by the end of 2022. What’s more Apex says the AP-0 will cost £150,000, which is about $180,000 or AED675,000, in other words what you’d call cheap if you were in the market for an electric supercar.

Built around a carbon fibre tub, the AP-0 features a glass roof split by a structural spine or fin, and composite bodywork with a flat floor and rear diffuser for aero results instead of a big rear wing. A floor-mounted 90kW battery pack is divided front and rear and keeps the centre of gravity low, freeing up space in the cabin so the carbon fibre seats can be mounted just 180mm above ground level.

2022 apex ap-0 ev supercar uae price 1

Apex says the AP-0 is good for 650 horsepower and 580Nm of torque, and the whole battery pack weighs just 550kg. Porsche, for some context, quotes a weight of 630kg for its 93kW battery pack in the new zero-emissions Taycan. Keeping it simple, the AP-0 uses a single electric motor driving the rear wheels to keep the kerb weight down to a claimed 1,200kg, 500kg lighter than Hethel’s own $2m Lotus Evija. As a result the AP-0 is not only rapid but comes with another big boast – the range is over 500km and you can juice it back up to 80 percent in 15 minutes using a fast charger.

The chassis includes automatic ride height adjustment and push-rod suspension, and the wheels are 19- and 20-inch front and rear with 360mm and 340mm composite brake discs respectively. Besides some snazzy processing power as well as radar and lidar technology, Apex says the AP-0 will come with a holographic trick up its sleeve, so owners can go to a race track and get help in the form of gaming-style displays and augmented reality instructions. Think of it like a driving line aid in racing games.

2022 apex ap-0 ev supercar uae price 1

Since it’s only about the length of a VW Golf the Apex AP-0 is a compact, lightweight, and simple, single-motor, two-wheel drive super-EV, which could play its part in making this type of vehicle more affordable and attainable by the masses. Imagine something like a Toyota MR-E?


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