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The Urus has nearly doubled Lamborghini sales, but success comes at a price

The Urus has nearly doubled Lamborghini sales, but success comes at a price

Dejan Jovanovic 1 year ago

Some positive news coming out of Italy for a change of pace this week, and Lamborghini has released its best-ever annual sales results for 2019, but there is a catch…

Corona is wreaking havoc with the auto industry – in Italy, where the virus hit particularly hard, a nationwide quarantine means workers are staying at home and Fiat, Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini have all shut their factories.


This gloomy outlook for the year ahead kind of overshadows Sant’Agata Bolognese’s success in 2019. Last year Lamborghini made boatloads of cash, with global sales increasing by 43 percent to 8,205 cars and record results posted in all regions including the Middle East. The key to that success, naturally, is an SUV.

Or more specifically, the Volkswagen Touareg, also known as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga, and Lamborghini Urus… In 2019, the first full year of Urus sales worldwide, Lamborghini sold almost 5,000 Urus SUVs, outperforming the company’s own projections to stimulate the most profitable 12-month period in the company’s 56-year history.

2020 2019 lamborghini urus sales uae

To be exact, 60 percent of all Lamborghini sales in 2019 were Urus sales, which tells us that full-options VWs are quite the rage right now. So now that Lamborghini has become yet another SUV maker, with a couple of supercars available on the side, let’s see what that actually means.

In 2019 Lamborghini sold 1,104 Aventadors, and 2,139 Huracáns. That sounds all right, until you stop and realise that the Urus is actually cannibalising Lamborghini’s supercar sales. In 2018, for example, Lamborghini sold 1,209 Aventadors and 2,780 Huracáns, which means the company’s core supercar sales are actually down. The Aventador has dropped by 10 percent, but with a significant 30 percent drop the Huracán really fumbled last year.

And we all know what that leads to – once you get a taste of that sweet SUV cash it’s hard to resist your next fix.


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