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Corona! Corona! Corona! Corona! Lamborghini…

Corona! Corona! Corona! Corona! Lamborghini…

Dejan Jovanovic 11 months ago

Finally, a bit of good news from the car industry that’s otherwise busy spiralling out of control – a new supercar is always a cause for some celebration even in gloomy times, and the two-wheel drive Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder will do nicely

It must be nice if, at a time like this, you’re spending these precious lockdown moments ruminating over supercar ownership. Now as soon as you get a chance, you can head out and get yourself a nice Lamborghini Huracán Evo, a rear-wheel drive open-air Spyder powered by a 610-horsepower V10 capable of acceleration times of 3.5 seconds to 100km/h and a top speed of 324km/h.


2021 lamborghini huracan evo spyder uae price 3

As usual, Sant’Agata went with a soft-top for its latest creation, the roof being operable at up to 50km/h and retracing completely in under 17 seconds. Since this is a two-wheel drive hard-core model, as opposed to the standard all-wheel drive Lambos, the Huracán Evo Spyder weighs in at just 1,509kg dry, the Italians claim. That’s actually pretty much the same as an all-wheel drive tin-top Huracán since the convertible requires more than 100kg of additional reinforcement, but there is enough carbon fibre on display to impress all your leggera loving mates.

2021 lamborghini huracan evo spyder uae price

The power gets to the rear wheels by way of a seven-speed twin-clutch ‘box, and compared to the Evo coupe version the Spyder runs it neck and neck. Obviously, given the choice you should take the drop-top just for the shrill of it – it even comes with a lowering rear window so you can let more of the V10 into the cabin.

In terms of spec there isn’t much you’re left for wanting here, although you can choose optional 20-inch wheels in place of the standard 19-in Kari design, and additionally carbon ceramic brakes are also available. For the anoraks, the Evo Spyder sticks out with a new front splitter, a new rear diffuser, and a bunch of fins and gloss black details. For the privilege, set aside about $230,000 or roughly AED850,000.

2021 lamborghini huracan evo spyder uae price 3

First customers will start receiving their Evo Spyders this summer, since the Lamborghini factory has reopened this week to resume producing SUVs once again, err, supercars once again, after the Covid-19 lockdown in Italy.


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