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New 2020 Nissan Sunny is here to brighten up the times

New 2020 Nissan Sunny is here to brighten up the times

Dejan Jovanovic 9 months ago

It’s late, because it was meant to go on sale back in March but we all know what took precedence… Now the new 2020 Nissan Sunny is on sale in the region looking, err, sharp

Every fleet manager in the region is celebrating a momentous occasion right about now – the 2020 Nissan Sunny is finally going on sale having made its debut at the Dubai motor show late last year.


2020 nissan sunny uae price

The all-new 2020 Sunny joins us from Mexico where the latest generation model is manufactured, flaunting what Nissan calls an “expressive” design full of “harmonious” details. It’s now lower, wider and longer than before, with Nissan’s signature V-grille dominating the front end.

The designers call this styling language “Emotional Geometry”, and the vocabulary includes boomerang headlamps which also happen to feature on every other B-segment car out there. They also reckon the blacked-out C-pillar warrants a “floating roof”, another cue seen on everything from BMW’s i3 to the Range Rover, by way of a bunch of Chevys, GMCs, Fords, Jags, Jeeps, Lexuses, Toyotas, Mazdas, Minis… It’s quite a fad right now.

2020 nissan sunny uae price

So increasing the exterior dimensions may not have done wonders for the look, but the 2020 Sunny does benefit from more than 400 litres of cargo space and larger doors for easier entry and egress. Apart from that Nissan specs these complete with LEDs and offers seven colour choices like Gun Metallic, Electric Blue Metallic and Radiant Red, despite the fact that everyone will just get a white one in the end.

Rather ambitiously, the 2020 Sunny also rocks a squared-off steering wheel so you don’t catch your knees when you’re carving up a mountain. There’s no need for sarcasm for the rest of the cabin. Different grades are available for different pockets, but as standard kit you do get power windows, front and rear cup holders, and, umm, rear drum brakes. The cheapest Sunny S model comes with 15-inch steelies, otherwise there are 16-inch alloy wheels to go for, and the Sunny SL additionally boasts blind spot monitoring, collision warning, traffic alert, etc.

2020 nissan sunny uae price

Out of sight, the changes are many, so you get a new suspension design and a stiffer body structure to handle the increased power. Gone is the old 99-horsepower 1.5-litre engine, replaced in the 2020 Sunny by a new 1.6-litre rate at 118 horsepower and 149Nm of torque. Nissan mates these to a five-speed manual transmission in the bare-bones model, but the Sunny SV and SL get a familiar continuously variable transmission. It’s like an automatic, but worse.

Nissan Middle East says the 2020 Sunny is on sale at regional Nissan dealers right now starting from AED57,900 for the 1.6 S CVT model, but specific dealer websites claim there are cars available for under 50 grand.


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