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Cadillac had a brainwave and tinted the windows on the XT6 Midnight Edition

Cadillac had a brainwave and tinted the windows on the XT6 Midnight Edition

Dejan Jovanovic 8 months ago

Exclusive to the UAE market, this new Cadillac XT6 Midnight Edition is all about the finer details, such as the window tint, and the black mirrors, and the err, black door handles…

I guess when you’re fresh out of ideas all sorts of nonsense starts to sound like a good idea. Such as this Cadillac XT6 Midnight Edition that’s exclusive to the UAE market. It has black wheels and tinted windows. The dynamics of that marketing meeting must have been electrifying.


Cadillac XT6 Midnight Edition uae exclusive

When looking at the global picture, things aren’t amazing for Cadillac at the moment. When the brand launched its first compact crossover two years ago, the entry-level XT4, exterior design manager Therese Pinazzo had high hopes: “The XT4 has a great presence that is confident and poised,” she said. “It exudes Cadillac’s DNA, but with a new boldness that speaks to the youthfulness of its team and its customers.”

Those customers haven’t exactly responded in their droves.. The Cadillac XT4 is at the bottom of its segment sales records in the US, where it’s outsold by Acuras and Lincolns, not to mention the Germans. It’s basically duking it out with the Infiniti QX30 for last place, and in case you forgot, the QX30 is a discontinued model.

Cadillac XT6 Midnight Edition uae exclusive

One rung up in the line-up, the mid-range Cadillac XT5 fares better, if sixth in the segment is much of a consolation. It’s the same story with the XT6 which hasn’t managed to upset any of the competition, as it occupies the eighth spot on the US sales charts.

Clearly Cadillac needs ideas, good ones, which is where the XT6 Midnight Edition comes in. Tinted windows! Black wheels! What took them so long?

The UAE-exclusive Midnight Edition receives no upgrades to its outdated naturally-aspirated 3.6-litre V6 engine, which needs revving to get the most out of, and it still comes with a nine-speed automatic in the name of efficiency, with active cylinder deactivation to save fuel. You can also only have the Midnight Edition on the XT6 Premium Luxury trim, otherwise the only differences are black 20-inch wheels, that window tint, and some black exterior bits like door handles and mirrors.   


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