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The McLaren Sabre is a US-only multi-million-dollar hypercar

The McLaren Sabre is a US-only multi-million-dollar hypercar

Dejan Jovanovic 2 weeks ago

Woking’s bespoke division McLaren Special Operations has developed a highly limited edition McLaren Sabre worth 824 horsepower

Wow, look, it’s another McLaren. They’re dialled in over at Woking by now so you know the drill, same engine, same gearbox, different name.


This time they’re calling it the McLaren Sabre, but really it’s a bit of Senna, a bit of Speedtail, and a bit of Uncle Sam. The car is US-only, with a name evocative of the Sabre jet and the prehistoric American Smilodon, better known as a sabre-tooth cat.

This is the way to do business in a troubled economy – go further upmarket and raise the price, couple of million dollars each. Then limit production to just 15 examples and count the profits of your rebadge. Don’t forget to set aside zero dollars for new engine development. What’s the point when you can just use the same parts for everything?

2021 mclaren sabre hypercar uae us1

So in the McLaren Sabre, the company’s trusty V8 develops 824 horsepower which is quite a lot, enough for a top speed of 350km/h.

McLaren says the 15 buyers participated in the commissioning of the Sabre by Woking’s MSO bespoke division, to the point they sent early prototypes over to America for the customers to experience on track. Seeing as the Sabre is McLaren’s most powerful non-hybrid car yet, it’s quite socially conscious of them to involve driver training in the purchase otherwise the next time you see a Sabre would be on its roof in the middle of Rodeo Drive.

2021 mclaren sabre hypercar uae us

Naturally individualisation options are pretty much limitless so hopefully there are buyers who specified their Sabre a bit nicer than this Beverly Hills example pictured. 

Not much else has been disclosed about the new McLaren Sabre, other than minor details regarding the trick aerodynamics at play. If it’s not quite your bag then you can just wait a week and another McLaren will likely show up.


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