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How do you say Land Cruiser in Romanian?

How do you say Land Cruiser in Romanian?

Dejan Jovanovic 4 months ago

Part of the future plan for Renault’s Romanian brand is this no-frills Dacia Bigster, a 4.6-metre long SUV that’s about as basic as they come

You just don’t get that many blank switches all over the dashboard any more. Cheap cars aren’t crowding the marketplace, and there are few brands specialising in the art of the bare-bones special.


dacia bigster suv concept uae1

Dacia remains true to its core however, with the Romanian brand owned by Renault still churning out cars on the lower end of the price spectrum. In fact apart from the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, Dacia also has a deal with Russia’s Lada going into the future.

As a demonstration of its intentions, they’ve just revealed this new Dacia Bigster, a 4.6-metre long SUV concept with “no more or no less than the essential,” according to the Romanians. That means it’s a no-frills SUV that should answer the simple requirements of the type of consumers that drive Patrol Safaris and Suzuki Jimnys.

dacia bigster suv concept uae1

And it’s big, not quite as big as a Toyota Land Cruiser, but it’s close to the Prado. You’ll notice there is also no chrome on the Bigster or any faux-aluminium trim. Dacia isn’t even trying to hide its purpose – “No bells and whistles,” they say, and, “What you see is what you get.” That’s refreshingly honest. There is not one mention of ‘emotionality’ and ‘lifestyle’ in the release.

This makes the Bigster an ideal SUV for developing markets, if it does go into production with everything so far suggesting it will. The exterior panels are made of raw recycled plastics and there are discussions for hybrid and alternative-energy versions, although we’re more interested in how much kit we can delete at no cost and whether some 16-inch steelies are available.


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