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No Boomer, you can’t have your steering wheel

No Boomer, you can’t have your steering wheel

Dejan Jovanovic 2 months ago

The new 2021 Tesla Model S is out, and the updated car has half a steering wheel and all the woke television…

After delivering half a million cars last year, Tesla is far ahead of the competition when it comes to pure EVs. One of the best measures of financial stability for a car company is profit-per-vehicle. No one in the industry can touch Porsche’s $17,000 figure, but the heritage luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all steadily make about $3,500 per vehicle. Tesla’s graph going back a few years looks mighty wonky with averages fluctuating wildly, however last year things were steady at $3,500 per unit, matching the established manufacturers.


2021 tesla model s plaid uae price 1

To keep the numbers headed in the right direction (three years ago Tesla delivered approximately 100,000 cars, so the rise is rapid), the Californian company has just revealed the updated Tesla Model S scheduled to go on sale early next year. 

Featuring a few modest design changes on the outside to lower aerodynamic drag, engineers also improved the battery pack and the drivetrain, and managed to increase the driving range with a claimed maximum of up to 840km. As the headliner, the Tesla Model S Plaid+ is the flagship of the range with 1,100 horsepower, which allows for a run from zero to 100km/h in two seconds.

2021 tesla model s plaid uae price 1

You’ll notice the biggest difference inside the car where designers tried to reinvent the (steering) wheel, or rather, borrowed a yoke out of an airplane. Unless the 2021 Model S has a ridiculously quick steering rack, this isn’t a good idea, on account of half the steering wheel is missing. At least they didn’t mess too much with the giant screen in the middle (except for tilting it into a landscape orientation) so you never have to miss a John Oliver. 

The new 2021 Tesla Model S will start from $79,990 and the Plaid+ will set you back $139,000.


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