Renewal of the third generation will be presented in spring this year.

Porsche is meticulously preparing the new Cayenne for its launch, which is scheduled for spring this year.

Before production of this revamped third generation gets underway, prototypes and pre-production vehicles are undergoing endurance tests to ensure that the vehicle reaches customers’ hands in accordance with Porsche’s quality standards.

Engines, chassis, design, equipment and connectivity are to be improved.

“It is one of the most extensive product improvements in Porsche’s history,” said Michael Schätzle, Series Director at Porsche.

According to the Stuttgart-based brand, the new Cayenne will feature, among other new features, a new semi-active chassis.

“We have subjected the new Cayenne to a full and comprehensive test programme, just as if we had developed it from scratch,” explained Ralf Bosch, the brand’s test director.

During the comprehensive vehicle test, the aim is to ensure stable operations and functionality of all components and systems. During the endurance tests, the life of a vehicle is simulated under difficult conditions that, in the hands of customers, will rarely be experienced. Under daily use conditions, vehicles complete more than 200,000 kilometres within a few months in urban environments, on country roads and motorways.

To simulate extreme conditions, the prototypes also travelled around the world, with the aim of putting quality and durability to the test in different climates. In total, more than four million kilometres were covered in the tests before the launch of the new Porsche Cayenne.