Optimizing Range and Performance in the Nexon EV: A User’s Experience

BHPian KingAlec, a proud owner of the Nexon EV Prime XZ+ Dark Edition, recently shared their thoughts and observations about their new electric vehicle. One of the standout features mentioned was the fantastic pick-up, even in Drive mode. However, it was the sports mode acceleration that truly made the experience exhilarating, making it feel like sitting in a speeding metro.

The owner also discussed their experimentation with different regen levels. Initially, they found that maximizing their driving in regen level 3 mode resulted in improved range calculations, but the actual range achieved was disappointing. They then decided to try regen level 1, based on their intuition and past experience with a different car. Surprisingly, this change led to better Wh/km values, allowing them to achieve a range of around 250 km with 8-9% SOC remaining.

The BHPian highlighted the importance of experimenting with regen levels to optimize range. While regen level 1 worked well for their specific route, they acknowledged that it might not be the same for everyone. Therefore, new owners of the Nexon EV Prime or EV Max are encouraged to ignore the estimated range and find the regen level that suits their driving patterns.

Additionally, the owner mentioned that the headlights of the Nexon EV were a downside compared to their previous car. The Halogen lamps felt like a downgrade, and they considered upgrading to LED headlights. They sought advice from experienced members regarding the cost and warranty implications of such an upgrade, as well as recommendations for reliable LED headlights in the Delhi NCR region.

Furthermore, the owner expressed concerns about fast charging and its potential impact on the battery management system (BMS). While they currently use a slow charger from low levels to full, they hesitated to use fast chargers due to the fear of damaging the BMS. They sought advice from fellow Nexon EV owners regarding how to identify good fast chargers and mentioned specific charging options like Tata Motors fast chargers, Statiq, and Kazam.

Lastly, the owner shared their plan to name their Nexon EV as “DARKTANK” and expressed an interest in getting custom bonnet badging done in matte black. They requested tips from the community on this matter.

In conclusion, this BHPian’s experience with the Nexon EV provides valuable insights into optimizing range and performance. From experimenting with regen levels to considering upgrades and overcoming charging anxieties, their journey with the Nexon EV can help other owners make informed decisions.

– BHPian KingAlec’s post on Team-BHP forum