Porsche to Replace Boxster and Cayman with All-Electric Sports Cars

Porsche is set to bid farewell to its beloved Boxster and Cayman models in 2024, as the German automaker shifts its focus to all-electric sports cars. The new lineup is expected to hit showroom floors in 2025, replacing the 718 series.

Spy shots of the upcoming Boxster prototype have surfaced, revealing some key details about the electric sports car. The photographs show a faux exhaust finisher on the rear bumper, mismatched wheels, black-painted brake calipers, and low-profile tires. The front bumper appears to have active vents, and a black soft top completes the overall sleek look.

Inside the prototype, the landscape infotainment system takes center stage, accompanied by a digital instrument cluster. The center console integrates a small display for the HVAC system, USB Type-C ports, the gear selector, and additional buttons.

While the driving range of the Boxster EV is still in development, the prototype shows an estimated range of 125 kilometers (approximately 78 miles) with 53 percent battery remaining. It’s important to note that this is a prototype, and the final version may feature a larger battery and more efficient drivetrain. The ambient temperature during testing was around 16.5 degrees Celsius (61.7 degrees Fahrenheit), which may not be ideal for optimal electric vehicle performance.

The all-electric 718 series is expected to debut with a rear-mounted electric motor. However, there are rumors that a dual-motor option may be offered in the future. The new models will be built on a dedicated platform that draws inspiration from the Premium Platform Electric used in the Macan EV and Audi Q6 e-tron.

While the Boxster and Cayman are making way for electric power, Porsche’s iconic 911 will soon receive hybrid assistance to comply with emissions regulations and enhance performance. The Turbo S variant, which currently boasts 641 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, is expected to receive a power boost in its upcoming facelift.

As for power levels in the all-electric 718 series, conservative estimates suggest a little over 300 horsepower, based on the electric motors used in the Macan EV. The Macan EV, built on the same PPE platform, can deliver up to 612 ps (603 horsepower).

Porsche’s decision to prioritize the electrification of the 718 series reflects the company’s commitment to embracing electric mobility while maintaining the legacy of its renowned sports cars. The move also aligns with the industry-wide trend toward electrification and stricter emissions regulations.

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