Warwickshire County Council Receives Funding to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Warwickshire County Council has secured £3.295 million in government funding from the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Capital Fund. This funding will enable the council to significantly increase the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the county.

With the aim of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and supporting the growth of the EV market, the LEVI Capital Fund allocates funds to local regions to expand their EV charging infrastructure. Warwickshire County Council’s allocation from Tranche 1 of the fund will facilitate the installation of up to 2,000 charging sockets in both on-street and car park locations throughout the county.

This move aligns with the council’s commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By improving the accessibility and availability of charging infrastructure, more residents and visitors in Warwickshire will be encouraged to switch to electric vehicles, thus contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in the region.

The addition of these charging points will alleviate one of the main concerns for potential EV adopters – range anxiety. As EV drivers will have increased access to conveniently located chargers, they can have peace of mind knowing they will be able to charge their vehicles easily and reliably.

This funding initiative is part of the UK government’s broader strategy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Increasing the number of EV charging points is crucial for the successful transition to electric transportation, as it helps address infrastructure limitations and supports the growing demand for EVs.

By investing in EV charging infrastructure, Warwickshire County Council is taking an important step towards a cleaner and greener future. The expansion of charging points will encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to the overall reduction of emissions in the county.

– LEVI Capital Fund
– Warwickshire County Council

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