Exciting Upcoming Honda Cars in the Indian Market

Honda is gearing up to introduce a range of new vehicles in the rapidly evolving Indian automotive market. With a strategic vision focused on capturing a larger market share, Honda aims to offer Indian consumers vehicles that combine style, performance, and sustainability. Let’s discuss three highly anticipated upcoming Honda cars that are set to make a mark in India.

1. Next-Gen Honda Amaze:
Honda’s best-selling model in India, the Amaze, is getting a significant upgrade with its third-generation model. The new Amaze, expected to debut globally in 2024, will feature an evolved platform and design. Inspired by Honda’s latest sedans like the City and Accord, the exterior design of the new Amaze is expected to exude modernity and sophistication. Inside, the compact sedan will offer a revamped interior layout and upgraded infotainment options. It will retain the reliable 1.2-litre petrol engine and offer both 5-speed MT and CVT options. However, there won’t be a diesel engine option like the current version.

2. Honda Elevate EV:
As the world leans more towards sustainable alternatives, Honda is set to introduce the Honda Elevate EV. This all-new SUV is a vital part of Honda’s strategy to launch five SUVs in India by 2030. The Elevate EV will mark Honda’s comeback in the SUV segment and showcase its commitment to green mobility. The launch is scheduled for 2025, giving Honda ample time to understand the market and create a competitive electric SUV for the Indian market.

3. A New Compact SUV:
Following the discontinuation of the WR-V, Honda aims to make a strong comeback in the sub-4-metre SUV segment, which is immensely popular in India. Honda may introduce either an improved version of the WR-V or an entirely new model. Like the next-gen Amaze, this upcoming compact SUV will be equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine. While Honda currently lacks a turbo-petrol engine option, it is expected to address this in the future, as consumers increasingly prefer turbocharged engines. The exact launch date is yet to be announced, but it is anticipated to happen within the next one to two years.

As Honda gears up for an exciting future in India, these upcoming vehicles hold promise and are expected to make a significant impact in the market.

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