Columbus Municipal Airport to Host Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Columbus Municipal Airport in Ohio is set to become a hub for electric vehicles on the ground and in the sky. The airport’s Board of Aviation Commissioners has approved a charging station host site agreement with electric aircraft company BETA Technologies. BETA will install an electric aircraft charging station, as well as two electric vehicle charging stations, at the airport. The airport will not have to invest any funds into the project, as BETA will cover all costs. In return, the airport will receive a percentage of the electricity used by the charging stations.

The charging stations will be located near the current control tower area, and construction is expected to begin in the coming months. BETA Technologies aims to create a network of electric aircraft charging stations across the United States and plans to have nearly 150 stations online by 2025. Currently, BETA has chargers at 13 locations in the eastern United States, with plans to install them at another 55 locations along the East and Gulf Coasts.

Airport director Brian Payne sees the agreement with BETA as an opportunity to stay at the forefront of technology and attract different types of aircraft. By offering electric charging infrastructure, the airport can accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles and contribute to sustainable transportation.

This initiative by Columbus Municipal Airport is in line with the global shift toward cleaner transportation options. The adoption of electric vehicles is crucial in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

– FutureFlight (source of BETA’s installations)