Allstar Introduces Chargepass EV Payment Solution and Welcomes New Managing Director

Allstar has announced the launch of its new Chargepass EV payment solution and the appointment of a new managing director to oversee the rollout. The introduction of Chargepass follows the acquisition of Mina by Allstar’s parent company Fleetcor earlier this year.

The collaboration between Allstar and Mina has led to the development of Allstar Chargepass, a range of EV charging payment solutions designed to simplify the process of paying for EV charging. This solution aims to support the UK’s transition to electric vehicles, both at home and on the road. Allstar Chargepass combines Mina’s startup innovations with Allstar’s capabilities, offering customers a seamless and convenient payment experience.

Ashley Tate, the former co-founder and CEO of Mina, has been appointed as the managing director of Allstar Chargepass in the UK. Tate will be responsible for overseeing the rollout of the Chargepass offering, leveraging his expertise in creating Mina’s payment technology.

Chargepass allows fleet and business electric vehicles to be charged at home and on the road without the need for separate transactions. It offers a single monthly invoice, making it the only solution of its kind in the UK. Moreover, Chargepass can be used by businesses operating both electric and fuel fleets, providing them with ultimate flexibility in managing their total fuel and charging expenses.

In addition to simplified payment processes, Chargepass provides businesses with tools to effectively manage their EV fleets. The solution includes an intuitive portal that offers features like ‘multi-electric vehicle mode’ to prevent charging fraud and improve charging transparency. Fleet managers can access valuable insights such as carbon intensity and emissions, cost per kWh, location, and duration of each charge, facilitating informed decision-making and supporting sustainability efforts.

Overall, the launch of Allstar Chargepass marks a significant step towards streamlining the transition to electric vehicles for fleets of all sizes. By offering a comprehensive payment solution and advanced fleet management tools, Allstar aims to support businesses in their adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable future.

– EV: Electric Vehicle
– Allstar Chargepass: A range of EV charging payment solutions offered by Allstar
– Mina: A company that specializes in payment technologies for electric vehicles
– Fleetcor: Allstar’s parent company and a global provider of specialized payment products and services