US-based Ford Mustang Owners Can Improve Driving Skills Through Company-Run Courses

Owners of the latest seventh-generation Ford Mustang will have the opportunity to participate in driving courses designed to enhance their driving skills. Currently only available to customers in the US, Ford Performance may expand the program to other markets if there is enough interest. The program, centered around the track-focused Dark Horse model, will be based at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.

The driving courses will offer a 3:1 driver-to-instructor ratio, providing owners with instruction on using the no-lift-shift function as well as car control lessons on a skid pad and a dedicated autocross course. At the end of the day-long experience, owners will have the opportunity to test their skills on a fast lead-follow session on the full track, followed by a passenger hot lap of the circuit.

Ford will also offer other driving events at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for Mustang EcoBoost and Mustang GT owners, including lessons on drifting, driving fast on track, and executing line-lock burnouts. The company hopes that the new program will encourage Mustang owners to engage with and interact with fellow fans through the online Mustang portal, and even participate in cross-country events involving both lifestyle and motorsport activities.

Ford Australia, known for its focus on driver training, has recently reintroduced its popular Driving Skills for Life program, which targets younger drivers and aims to improve hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, and spatial awareness. The company has also expressed interest in introducing driver training for the latest Ford Ranger Raptor.

Overall, Ford aims to combine the passion of Mustang owners with the racing heritage of the vehicle, providing them with the opportunity to learn skills that parallel those of professional racing drivers. The Dark Horse driving program will launch in January 2024.

– “US-based pony car buyers can hit the track to learn how to drift and tackle road courses safely” (source)