Electric Truck Maker Nikola Faces CFO Resignation, Financial Challenges

Electric-truck manufacturer, Nikola, is experiencing another setback as Chief Financial Officer Anastasiya Pasterick resigns from her position. Pasterick, who joined the company less than a year ago, will be pursuing other opportunities. This news comes in the wake of Nikola’s financial struggles and their recent decision to suspend sales and recall their battery-electric heavy duty trucks due to a coolant leak issue.

The resignation of Pasterick adds to the list of leadership changes at Nikola in recent years. She was appointed in March 2023 following the departure of Kim Brady, who played a significant role in taking Nikola public through a merger in 2020. Nikola will initiate a search for a new CFO promptly, and Pasterick will assist with the transition until December 1. In the meantime, key financial responsibilities will be overseen by CEO Stephen Girsky.

The challenges faced by Nikola are not unique to the company. While automakers continue to anticipate a strong demand for electric vehicles in the United States, economic concerns have led to delays in factory expansions for major EV companies like Tesla and Ford Motor. Despite these market dynamics, Nikola remains committed to overcoming its financial hurdles and strengthening its position in the competitive electric-truck industry.


Q: Why did Anastasiya Pasterick resign as Nikola’s CFO?
A: Anastasiya Pasterick has resigned to pursue other opportunities.

Q: How long was Anastasiya Pasterick in her role as CFO?
A: Anastasiya Pasterick joined Nikola as CFO less than a year ago.

Q: Who will oversee financial responsibilities at Nikola in the interim?
A: CEO Stephen Girsky will oversee key financial responsibilities at Nikola.

Q: Why did Nikola suspend sales and recall their battery-electric heavy duty trucks?
A: Nikola found a coolant leak issue in its battery packs that caused fires in their vehicles, leading to the suspension of sales and a product recall.

Q: Are other electric vehicle companies facing challenges as well?
A: Yes, major EV companies such as Tesla and Ford Motor have also experienced setbacks and delays due to economic concerns.