Weekly Tech Recap: Arm’s Successful IPO, Apple’s New iPhone, Qualcomm’s Agreement, Oracle’s Disappointment, and Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer

This week was filled with major headlines in the tech industry, highlighting various developments in the market. Here is a recap of the key events:

Arm Holdings, a chip design unit of SoftBank, had a highly successful IPO in the US. The stock’s valuation exceeded initial projections, with shares surging 25% on the first day of trading. Tech giants like Apple, Nvidia, and Alphabet were among the biggest investors in Arm. This IPO marked the culmination of SoftBank’s effort to cash out on the chip designer.

Apple launched its highly anticipated iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models, as well as the higher-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The Pro Max, the most expensive model, saw strong demand during pre-orders. This is positive news for investors, as concerns had been raised about overall iPhone demand, especially in China.

Qualcomm announced that it secured an agreement to provide its high-end chips for Apple iPhones to be launched from 2024 through 2026. This news caused a nearly 4% jump in Qualcomm’s stock. The deal postpones the potential loss of Apple as a customer for Qualcomm until 2026.

Oracle shares plummeted over 13% after the company offered a weak outlook for the second quarter on its earnings call. While Oracle’s Q1 results beat expectations, the company cited a soft cloud outlook due to the accelerated transition of its Cerner unit to the cloud. Analysts have mixed views on the stock, with Goldman Sachs expressing skepticism and Guggenheim remaining bullish.

Tesla experienced a 10% surge in its stock after receiving an upgrade to Overweight from Morgan Stanley. Analysts believe that Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer, which enhances and trains the company’s Full Self-Driving system, can give the company an advantage in the market. They compare Tesla’s potential with that of Amazon’s AWS, which significantly contributed to Amazon’s earnings.

These headline-grabbing events have generated both positive and negative reactions from investors and industry analysts. Overall, they paint a picture of a dynamic tech industry that continues to evolve and shape the market.

– IPO: Initial Public Offering, the first sale of a company’s stock to the public.
– Chip design unit: A division within a company that focuses on designing computer chips.
– Valuation: The estimated worth or market capitalization of a company.
– SoftBank: A Japanese tech conglomerate that owns Arm Holdings.
– AI: Artificial Intelligence, the simulation of intelligent behavior by machines.
– Pre-orders: Orders placed for a product before it is officially launched.
– Qualcomm: A leading semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company.
– Oracle: A multinational computer technology corporation.
– Cloud services: Services that store data and run applications on remote servers accessed through the internet.
– Generative AI apps: Applications that use artificial intelligence to create new and unique outputs.
– Outlook: The overall expectations and projections for a company’s financial performance.
– Morgan Stanley: A multinational investment bank and financial services company.
– Dojo Supercomputer: A dedicated supercomputer developed by Tesla for enhancing and training its self-driving system.
– Top Pick: A stock that is favored or recommended by analysts for potential growth.
– Enterprise value: A measure of a company’s total value, including debt and equity.
– Year to date: The period of time from the beginning of the calendar year to the present.

– Arm’s big debut, Apple’s new iPhone, Qualcomm’s Apple pact, Oracle’s disappointment, and an AI-driven Tesla upgrade (Investing.com)