ASE Updates Collision Repair, ADAS & EV Standards

The ASE Education Foundation has announced updates to its collision certification standards, including the introduction of a new area of accreditation called “Collision Repair and Refinish Fundamentals.” This new area includes 121 specific skills and tasks and requires a minimum of 300 hours of combined classroom and lab instruction. The focus is on five core skill areas highly valued by employers: damaged vehicle disassembly, reassembly, small dent repair, plastic repair, and prep for refinish. ASE conducted a workshop with industry experts to review the tasks and tools used by ASE-accredited collision repair and refinish programs in schools and colleges nationwide.

One significant update to the collision repair and refinish standards is the addition of new hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) safety tasks that are now required for all students in ASE-accredited programs. Two new sections covering mechanical and electrical components were also added for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and hybrid and EV service procedures. These include proper procedures for disconnecting ADAS and EV systems prior to repairs.

During a recent professional development webinar, ASE President Mike Coley emphasized the importance of EV safety knowledge and identification of high-voltage components and circuits. While the accreditation is focused on fundamental skills, Coley acknowledged the increasing prevalence of EVs in the marketplace and the need to provide a safe training space for students.

The updated accreditation also includes changes to required tools and equipment to align with industry practices. Additionally, “Workplace Employability Skills” have been updated to “Foundational Skills” and now include topics such as appropriate use of personal electronic devices and workplace inclusion.

These new standards will go into effect in January, providing schools and local businesses with another pathway to prepare students for entry-level positions in collision repair and refinish.

Sources: ASE Education Foundation