New Audi CEO Initiates Model Revisions

Audi is set to launch several important models later than originally planned, according to sources familiar with the matter. The most notable delay is the Q6 e-tron, which is now expected to be released in summer 2024, approximately two years later than initially intended. This postponement also affects the entire model offensive, pushing back the unveiling of the A6 e-tron from early 2024 to May.

This model delay is part of the revision initiated by Audi’s new CEO, Gernot Döllner. Döllner, who took over from Markus Duesmann on September 1, is known for his demanding and confrontational management style. He aims to implement quick changes and expects results from his managers. However, some insiders have reportedly felt snubbed by Döllner’s behavior.

As former head of strategy at Volkswagen, Döllner faces the challenge of bringing the models announced under Duesmann to market and meeting the expectations set by Volkswagen. He must navigate the delicate balance of launching multiple models without overwhelming the plants or sales organization. Additionally, Döllner and Chief Development Officer Oliver Hoffmann are tasked with resolving the development department’s issues that have contributed to the delays.

The revision doesn’t stop at the Q6 e-tron and A6 e-tron series. Audi is also engaged in intensive discussions regarding the successor to the Q8. Originally planned for a 2026 release, there have been problems in development, particularly concerning software and mechatronic components. As a result, the project in its current form has been prematurely canceled. The revised plan is to design the Q8 so that it can serve as the basis for an SUV from Volkswagen, intended as the successor to the Atlas, exclusive to the United States and China.

Despite the delays and revisions, Audi remains committed to delivering its electric models and meeting the demands of the evolving automotive market.


1. Why is Audi delaying the launch of important models?

Audi’s new CEO, Gernot Döllner, has initiated a revision of the company’s model offensive, leading to delays in launching crucial models. Döllner aims to make quick changes and expects results from his managers.

2. How will the delay of the Q6 e-tron affect subsequent models?

The postponement of the Q6 e-tron’s launch will have a cascading effect on Audi’s entire model offensive. The A6 e-tron, originally planned for early 2024, will now be unveiled in May.

3. What challenges does the new Audi CEO face?

As the former head of strategy at Volkswagen, Gernot Döllner must ensure the models announced by his predecessor reach the market successfully. He also needs to address delays caused by issues in Audi’s development department.

4. What is the new plan for the Audi Q8?

Due to development problems, the original project for the Q8 e-tron has been canceled prematurely. Audi now plans to design the Q8 as a basis for an SUV from Volkswagen, serving as the successor to the Atlas available in the United States and China.