Audi Offers Up to £13,000 Support for Electric Vehicle Purchases in the UK

Audi is making it easier for customers in the UK to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) by offering support of up to £13,000. This support applies to three EV models: the Audi A5 e-tron, the Audi Q8 e-tron, and the Audi e-tron GT.

The move is part of Audi’s commitment to becoming a leader in sustainable premium mobility. By 2026, every new Audi launched will be all-electric. Andrew Doyle, Director of Audi UK, emphasized the growing interest in their EV lineup, with sales up 78% year-on-year.

The amount of support available ranges from £6,250 to £11,000, depending on the model. This offer is open to all UK customers. In addition, Audi includes a free Ohme wall box charger with standard installation as part of their “Make the Switch” campaign. The 7kW recharging unit can be conveniently controlled through the Ohme app and allows for quick charging at home.

Customers who already have a suitable home charger can choose alternative offers, such as a £500 contribution or £500 charging credit on the Audi charge card. Audi aims to lower the barriers to entry for EV adoption and encourage more people to switch to electric mobility.

To learn more about the incentives that Audi is offering to customers in the UK who are interested in purchasing electric vehicles, visit the Audi website.

– Audi UK