Audi Showcases RS Q e-tron Electric Prototype in European Capitals

Audi recently unveiled its RS Q e-tron electric prototype in three major European cities: Madrid, Paris, and Stockholm. The vehicle, previously showcased during a successful tour in Hamburg, Germany, appeared in cities associated with the home countries of Audi factory drivers.

This event was not just a promotional showcase, but a demonstration of Audi’s commitment to sustainable and innovative technology. By presenting the RS Q e-tron in metropolitan settings, Audi aimed to bring the technology closer to the masses and showcase its practicality in everyday scenarios.

The RS Q e-tron was driven by Audi factory drivers and their co-drivers through each city, passing iconic landmarks such as Spain, Sweden’s royal palaces, and Paris’s Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Cœur. Onlookers were treated to a powerful demonstration of the vehicle’s 263 kW (358 hp) electric drive, witnessing drifts at select locations.

Rolf Michl, Audi Motorsport head, emphasized the significance of showcasing the car’s innovative technology to the general public in urban settings. Audi has been a champion of electrification in motorsport since 2012, and the RS Q e-tron was specifically designed for low-emission desert motorsport. The vehicle utilizes a unique energy converter that combines an internal combustion engine and a generator, powered by a sustainable fuel that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 60%.

In its sporting history, the RS Q e-tron has achieved impressive feats, including a total victory at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, multiple stage wins, and podium finishes at the Dakar Rally.

Audi’s RS Q e-tron continues the brand’s legacy of innovation in electrification. With its blend of sporting prowess and environmental consciousness, Audi establishes itself as a forerunner in promoting sustainable and innovative technology for everyday use.